The Scientific Committee will meet every 4 months to examine the requests received.

The accredited and exclusive contacts to release expertise and authentic, are:

Prof. Valerio Rivosecchi, for the works of Gino Bonichi (Scipione)

the art historians Flavia Matitti and Elena Gigli, for the works of Claudio Bonichi



Prof. Mariagrazia Messina        Honorary President

Prof. Valerio Rivosecchi            Art historian 

Prof. Flavia Matitti                      Art historian

Prof. Elena Gigli                           Art historian  

Prof. Marco Bussagli                  Art historian


At the same time as sending the documentation for the archiving of the work, if the work does not have an original authentication of the artist, it is possible to request its Authentication.

In view of the considerable variety of the artist’s works, the cost of authentication ranges from 80 to 250 euros, depending on the specific type of each.

Upon receipt of the authentication request, the cost will be communicated and, unless otherwise advised by the applicant, after eight days from the communication the procedure will be started.

Upon receipt of the authentication, the owner undertakes to communicate in the future any changes of ownership and transfers of the work, as well as to inform the Archive of the participation of the work in public exhibitions.

The Archive guarantees the utmost confidentiality on the processing of personal data and undertakes not to provide them to third parties, unless approved by those entitled.

The Peluzzi Bonichi Museums Archive does not carry out economic evaluations of the works.